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About Us.

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Knobbheads are more than a brand. They are an collective, an instance, a moment in time, a subtle notion. 

We are the Knobbheads. From the minds and efforts of Luke Whittaker and Rory Hernandez-Romero, the Knobbheads are an artists collective and brand, representing the awkward, grotesque, and uncomfortable. Born in the Rhode Island School of Design, and now housed out of New York, this brand focuses on giving small voices an outlet, interrupting the canon of contemporary conversations, and the questioning of media.
Join the movement. Become a Knobbhead. The Knobbheads are genderless, raceless, ageless, unbiased. They emulate their own personage, culture, and ideals. They deliver it in their own manner, free of exclusivity. Be weird, be awkward, be yourself, ask questions, its okay here.